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Single Inflatable Chair Blow Up Sofa Seat Lounger Gaming Pod Camping Lounge

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Our Inflatable Chair is the perfect chair for the ultimate in comfort at festivals and suchlike.

Now available in dual colours (black and red as pictured), its inflatable structure provides a luxuriously comfortable seat which can hold up to 150kg.

Furthermore, its soft flocked PVC surface provides a welcome and comforting place to recline, whilst this material will not scuff or damage your groundsheet, meaning you can take advantage of the comfort the Chair has to offer both inside and outdoors.

Flocked PVC - Comfortable

Repair patches included - use in emergencies

Pack Size: L30.0 x H24.5 x W6.0

Furniture Type: Inflatable Chairs

Furniture Length: 85cm (33.5")

Furniture Width: 85cm (33.5")

Furniture Height: 53cm (21")

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