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14.5" Air Hammer Hand Pump Air Inflator 4L 0.5Bar Inflatable Boat Kayak Toy

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This high quality piston pump is suitable for most inflatables, from an airbed to an inflatable boat.

Can be used for pool toys, airbeds, inflatable boats/kayaks, paddling pools etc...

Dual action - inflates when the piston is pushed down and when it is pulled upwards for faster operation.

Can be used as an inflator or a deflator.

Tough, plastic construction.

2.8L Piston Capacity.

0.5Bar (7psi) max pressure.

Supplied with 82cm of flexible hose.

Includes 3 adaptors to fit nearly every inflation valve. Straight adapter for Boston valves, and nozzles for most smaller inflatables.

Nozzle adapters are attached to the end of the pump hose so they don't get lost.

Flexible hose is removable from the pump for easy and safe storage.

14.5" (37cm) total height with piston down. 24" (61cm) total height with piston raised.

7.5" (19cm) max width.

4.5" (114mm) diameter piston.

Extra strong foot stirrups.

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