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Genuine Bravo 1 Foot Pump Air Inflator 4L 500mbar Inflatable Boat Kayak Toy

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The classic Bravo 1 foot pump is top quality and is supplied OEM by countless inflatable boat, kayak and liferaft manufacturers.

Ideal for most inflatable tenders, ribs, kayaks and water toys...

Made in Italy by Scoprega.

4L Capacity.

Can be used as an inflator or deflater.

All metal parts are stainless steel.

500mbar (7.2psi) max pressure.

Supplied with 1.8m of flexible hose.

Includes 9 universal adapters for most inflatables. If your inflatable has a twist lock bayonet style connector you will need a separate adapter (not supplied).

Band reinforced fabric for long life.

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