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Lightweight Aluminium Oars Paddle Set Boat Tender Kayak Canoe Folding

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Multi-function oar set can be used as two single blade oars or one twin blade kayak paddle.

Easily setup in seconds without any tools required.

Lightweight aluminium construction handles with plastic blades and joiners makes it easy to use for long periods.

Can be used as two 145cm oars or one double ended paddle (145cm or 218cm length)

Oars can be easily angled if necessary.

28mm diameter tube.

Joiners make it quick and easy to use the oars in any combination you need.

Rubber rings to help locate the oars in row locks.

Folding design for easy storage.

Set includes;
2 x Paddle Blades.
2 x Extension Poles.
2 x Heavy Duty Pole Joiners.
2 x Rubber Rings.
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