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Trailer Light Electrics Extension Cable Male To Female 13 Pin Plug To Socket

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Size 1.5 Metres
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Male to female trailer extension lead.

Trailer extension lead (13 pin plug to 13 pin socket)

This lead has a 13 pin male plug on one end and a 13 pin socket on the other end.

Perfect for extending existing trailer electric cables.

Curly cable springs back for easy storage and prevents the cable from dragging on the ground whilst towing.

13 pin plug and 13 pin socket on each end.

Fitted with 1 x 13 pin plug and 1 x 13 pin socket.

Supplied fully assemble ready to use.

Suitable for 12v or 24v vehicles.

Used to connect the lights from the trailer to the vehicle towing or extend existing trailer electrics.

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