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Trailer Lighting Cable Replacement Wiring Harness 7PIN for Ifor Williams

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Replacement prewired front harness, to replace damaged wiring.

OEM auto grade wire for a longer lasting harness.

This listing is for the front section from the tow vehicle to the junction box underneath the trailer. Ideal if you have let the wire drag on the floor, pulled it etc...

Prewired with a 7Pin Plug.

Fits all Ifor Williams trailers with spade terminal connections in the junction box.

Simple to fit. Unlike some replacements this loom uses the same wiring colours as the original Ifor Williams harness. To fit, just pull off the old connecters and plug in the new ones matching the colours as you go. If unsure, do one colour at a time so you know exactly where they go.

4m long, 2m tail length, and 2m (fully extended) curled cord.
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