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12v Trailer / Boat / Caravan / Trailer / Car Winch Tow Bar Cable Hook TE580

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Very versatile winch that has a mounting plate that fits over a tow hitch or can be chained or fixed to anything static. You could mount the fixing plate to your trailer in or outside your vehicle and remove the winch when not in use.

Its very useful for positioning caravans boats and trailers .

Remote cable of 10ft(3 Metres) gives you flexibility when operating the winch.

Comes with an emergency cranking handle.

It will pull at approx. 6 feet per minute under load.

This winch and attachment have a combined weight of over 11 kilos to help their quality and durability.

-Capacity of 6,000lb for rolling, 5,000lb for marine,
-2,000lb Static pulling (from stop on level ground)
-Max boat size: 18 feet
-Max boat weight: 5000lb
-Line speed of 6 feet per minute with load
-Cable length: 30 foot with hook
-Remote switch 10ft length of cable
-Emergency hand crank handle
-Mounting bracket for tow bar (front)
-Built in carrying handle

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