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Boat Trailer Strap Hand Winch Heavy Duty 4.5m to 6m Strap 3:1 or 4:1 Ratio

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Size 4.5m Strap 3:1 Ratio
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This listing is for a hand winch for trailers. Suitable for small boat trailers, quad bike trailers etc.

50mm wide heavy duty webbing strap.

Choose between;
Model 1 - 6m Strap, 4:1 Ratio - 960kg Breaking Capacity, 320kg working capacity.
Model 2 - 4.5 Strap, 3:1 Ratio - 750kg Breaking Capacity, 250kg working capacity.

(Capacity is rolling capacity, not the max weight of boat/vehicle it can pull - i.e. you can push a car, but you cannot lift it!)

Safety ratchet design.

Steel construction with solid steel gears. Zinc plated for corrosion protection.

Standard winch mounting plate. Will fit virtually all winch posts. Mounting Plate is 88mm x 95mm on 4.5m model and 137mm x 90mm on the 6m model.

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