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1/2" Drive 52mm Metric Deep Axle Hub Nut Socket For Land Rover Range Rovers

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Professional hub nut socket for commercial or occasional use

Impact hub nut socket

52mm axle socket

1/2" drive so will fit any 1/2" drive ratchets / bars / extensions etc...

Manufactured from chrome molybdenum for strength and durability

Impacted socket so can be used with impact guns or high torque tools

Double deep impact socket so ideal for access into hard to reach areas

6 sided ingle hex sockets so perfect for added grip when bolts / nuts are tight as less chance of slipping

Suitable for use on Land Rover Classic (after 1970), Land Rover Defender (1983 onwards) and Land Rover Discovery

Also suitable for hub nuts on land rover and range rover

Internal depth of the socket 45mm