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1/2" Screw Stud Extractor Remover Set Reverse Thread Easy Out 3-11mm 10pc AT077

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Top quality screw extractor kit.

Multi spline extractors to remove broken studs, pipes, set screws, grease fittings etc...

Suitable for use with an wrench.

This precision kit allows you to extract bolts which are corroded or seized and need to be removed without damaging the casing or thread.

Manufactured from cr-mo hardened steel for maximum durability. Will easily bite into and grip the softer bolts.

Full length flutes provide easier extractor starting.

1/2" drive so will fit any 1/2" drive ratchet / extension etc...

Supplied in a blow molded case for easy storage and transportation.

Set Includes; sizes:

3mm / 4mm / 5mm / 5.5mm / 6mm / 7mm / 8mm / 9mm / 10mm & 11mm.

1/8" / 5/32" / 3/16" / 7/32" / 1/4" / 9/32" / 5/16" / 11/32" / 3/8" & 13/32".

Simple to use:

Drill a hole in the fastener.

Choose a suitable bolt extractor and insert it into the hole.

Use a wrench to turn the bolt extractor anticlockwise to remove.