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1/2in Drive VDE Injection Insulated VDE 5in. (125mm) Socket Extension Bar

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Professional VDE extension bar for commercial or occasional use

VDE extra long extension bar

Injection insulated extension bar

1/2in drive extension bar

Short / Stubby – 125mm (5in) long extension bar

1/2in drive so will fit any 1/2in drive ratchet, sockets, power bars etc...

Complete with spring ball bearing for socket retention but also a quick release collar to slide back for easy removal

Manufactured from CR-Mo steel for maximum strength and durability

Designed to protect up to 1000V

Suitable for use on hybrid and electric vehicles

Allows the user to work with confidence on potentially high voltage systems in the knowledge that the tools are extremely safe and of high quality

Safe to use when working with electricity in a high voltage environment

Part of the hybrid range of tools

Protects from electric shocks up to 1500 V DC and 1000 V AC


• VDE extension bar
• Drive Size – 1/2in
• Total length – 125mm (5in.)