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1.5A Electronic Smart Battery Charger Classic Boat Motorbike Fit & Forget 6V 12V

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This listing is for a high quality, electronic smart battery charger.

Ideal for keeping batteries charged on vehicles that are not used much, such as classic cars, boats and motorcycles etc....

A smart charging solutions for classic and modern vehicle batteries.

Fully automatic 9 stage charging cycle, including diagnosis, charging and reconditioning.

Automatic detection of battery voltage and condition.

Up to 1.5A charging current where required.

Suitable for modern start/stop vehicles.

Error LED shows incorrect connection.

Short circuit, open circuit, sparking, over-heating, current overload and over-charging protection.

1.5m battery leads with interchangable crocodile clips and ring terminal connections.

Suitable for 6V & 12V low maintenace and maintenace-free batteries of 1.2Ah to 120Ah capacity.

9 Stage Charging;

• Battery condition diagnosis.
• Battery prepartion with soft start.
• Auto-select Current & Bulk Charging.
• Constant voltage absorption charging.
• Resting and condition monitoring period.
• Maintenace float charging. - When the battery is fully charged the charger will maintain the condition of the battery automatically through voltage monitoring and pulse charging.
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