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1" Drive Torque Multiplier Hand Lug Wrench Wheel Nut Remover 1 - 64 Ratio

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

-Torque multiplier has been designed for general purpose and especially HGV purpose where it is necessary to provide higher torque than would otherwise be possible, due to either limitation on space or operator strength

Provides a large amount of torque with a small amount of effort

-Gear ratio of 64 - 1

-Torque up to a maximum of 4800Nm

-1" square drive so will fit any 1" drive sockets

-Also in the kit is an extension bar so that once you have cracked off the nut instead of using the torque multiplier which would take ages to use simply use the handle which will take no time at all.


1. 1 X 1" Torque multiplier
2. 1 x extension bar total length 250mm / 10" - 1" square drive
3. 1 x handle for the extension bar 250mm / 10" long by 125mm / 5" wide
4. 3 x 1" Drive sockets 30mm / 32mm and 33mm

-Comes in a blow molded case for easy storage and transportation