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10" Curved Jaw Locking Mole Pliers Adjustable Vise / Vice Grips Welding AT074

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Quality straight jaw construction manufactured from high grade steel which has been heat treated drop forged and nickel plated.

Hardened tooth design grips from any angle

Knurled adjustable screw at the base allows fine control and adjusting even in oily conditions.

Guarded release allows quick release but protects form accidental release

Curved Jaw Puts Tremendous Pressure on four points of any style nut or bolt head

Includes Convenient wire cutter

Turn screw to adjust pressure and fit work

Stays adjusted for repetitive use.

Strong 6 rivet design made to last.


-Size: 10" 250mm

-Heat treated

-Drop forged

-Nickel plated

-Strong 6 riveted design

-Knurled adjustable screw

-Quick release