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13 PIN Plug Trailers Caravans Electric Wring Plug And Socket with Gasket Euro

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13 Pin Plug Specifications

This is the new style plug to fit the new 13pin sockets now often fitted to modern cars.

Perfect to replace the old style 7pin plugs on older trailers and caravans so it can be connected to a modern car without using an adapter.

High quality, OEM standard.

Made from a high impact plastic and much tougher than the old 7pin connectors.

Complete with keeper (second picture) to protect plug from water ingress and corrosion when not in use. The keeper has screw holes to mount it to a trailer to service as a plug holder as well.

Pins are labelled on the plug.

PIN 1 (Yellow Wire) Left Hand Direction Indicator

PIN 2 (Blue Wire) Rear Fog Light

PIN 3 (White Wire) Common return for pins 18

PIN 4 (Green Wire) Right Hand Direction Indicator

PIN 5 (Brown Wire) Right Hand Side and position lights

PIN 6 (Red Wire) Stop (brake) lights

PIN 7 (Black Wire) Left Hand Side and position lights

PIN 8 (Pink Wire) Reversing Lights

PIN 9 (Orange Wire) Continuous (Permanent) power supply

PIN 10 (Grey Wire) Power Supply Controlled By Ignition Switch

PIN 11 (Black/White Wire) Earth for contact 10.

PIN 12 Coding for coupled trailer (Bridge pins 12 to 3 to allow the vehicle to know if a trailer is coupled.

PIN 13 Common Return for contact 9.

13 Pin Socket Specifications

13PIN Tow Bar Electrics Socket for use with trailers and caravans.

Suppled with rubber gasket to seal the rear of the socket.

Simple, easy to use, screw terminal connections on the back.

Top Quality OEM standard.

Standard wiring as follows;

Pin 1 Left Indicator Yellow Wire

Pin 2 Rear Fog Lamp Blue Wire

Pin 3 Earth for Lighting Circuits White Wire

Pin 4 Right Indicator Green Wire

Pin 5 Right Tail Lamp Brown Wire

Pin 6 Brake Lamp Red Wire

Pin 7 Left Tail Lamp Black Wire

Pin 8 Reverse Lamp Pink Wire

Pin 9 Permanent Power Orange Wire

Pin 10 Switched Supply (for Fridge) Grey Wire

Pin 11 Earth for Pin 10 White/Black Wire

Pin 12 Spare

Pin 13 Earth for Pin 9 White/Red Wire