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15m Air line / hose with Tyre Wheel Inflator, Blow Gun And Air Fittings

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use Set includes all the item needed ready to plug straight into your existing compressor Suitable for blowing up tyres / wheels as well as dirt removal / blowing AIR HOSE Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

15 metres approx.50 feet compressor airline air hose

A high rubber content airline

Rubber airline / hose is not as temperature sensitive as plastic hose so retains its flexibility in all temperatures

Rubber airline so wont crack when bent in clod or warm workshops


Total length of the hose 15 metres approx. 50 feet
Outside dimensions of the hose 15mm
8mm internal diameter of the hose
Oil resistant
Wall thickness 3.5mm
Maximum pressure 20 BAR 294 PSI

Comes with a quick release fitting one end of the hose and a 1/4 BSP male thread on the other side


Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

Complete with flexible hose (total hose length 11")

Gauge with plastic front instead of glass so wont shatter if dropped

Large numbers on the gauge for easy read

Push or pull adapter on the end for hard to get at tyres (for example twin rear tyres on a lorry)

Gauge has scales 0 - 200 psi / 0 -15 BAR / 0 - 15000 KPA

1/4 BSP 1/4"


Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

Metal structure for strength and durability

Nylon body for comfort and grip when using this application and prevents cold hands when using

Air inlet 1/4" BSP

Nozzle length 100mm


1 x female quick release coupling with female thread

2 x male quick release fittings with male treads

Perfect for connecting this kit and other tools to your compressor