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20A Split Charging Relay Module Tow Caravan Towing Electrics 7s or 13 pin Socket

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A professional split charging relay.

Used to charge caravan batteries, power caravan fridges etc from the tow vehicle whist driving.

Requires an ignition switched feed to operate.

Dual output, for charging the caravan battery and powering the fridge.

Suitable for all cars with 12v electrical systems.

20A Max continuous current.

Made in the UK.

Simple connection
12v terminal - to positive battery terminal (via suitable fuse)
Ign terminal - to an ignition switched +12v supply (e.g. switched cigarette lighter socket, daytime running lights etc)
6 terminal - switched 12v supply to pin 6 in the 12s socket.
4 terminal - permanent 12v supply to pin 4 of socket.
2 terminal - switched 12v supply to pin 2 of socket.
0v terminal - to earth.

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