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220pc Wallplugs Raw 20-60mm Rawl Plug Wall Coloured In Case Poly Anchor

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Professional wall / raw plugs for commercial or occasional home use

220pc mixed set of raw plugs

Mixed raw plugs suitable for mounting or hanging from solid or hollow walls

Perfect for use on brittle walls that would not take just the screws alone

Suitable for use in brick, stone, masonry, concrete etc...

Temperature resistant plugs can be used on either internal or external applications

Gives a secure fixing in a wide range of materials

Various size raw plugs ranging from 5mm – 12mm in diameter


• 5mm x 20mm raw plugs – total quantity 75pc
• 6mm x 22mm raw plugs – total quantity 55pc
• 7mm x 25mm raw plugs – total quantity 42pc
• 8mm x 30mm raw plugs – total quantity 35pc
• 10mm x 35mm raw plugs – total quantity 8pc
• 12mm x 60mm raw plugs – total quantity 5pc

Comes in a partitioned tray for easy storage, transportation and identification