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3 Way Garden Hose Pipe Connector + Hozelock Quick Release Fittings Y Piece

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Garden connectors / fittings to cater for all needs and requirements around the home

This listing is for 3 way couplers and Hozelock quick release water stop connectors

Y piece quick release hose connectors


3 Way Garden hose pipe coupler suitable for all garden and work hoses

3 way coupler

For quick connection of hoses, sprinklers and irrigation systems

For use with all quick fit connectors whatever the make

For dividing or joining hose pipes using quick release style connectors

Fast and simple way to split your hosepipe towards two separate devices

Three universal male hose connector positions

Manufactured from ABS plastic for strength and durability as well as frost resistant and shatter proof

Suitable for all garden watering applications, car cleaning etc...

Splits a flow of water into two different directions

Fits standard Hozelock Connectors


Hozelock water stop connectors

Water connectors will push straight onto the coupler and be attached to any 12.5mm or 15mm hose

Perfect for quick and easy instalment

As well as this coupler it is also suitable to fit most male ended connectors

Can be attached or detached in seconds with hozelock quick connect system

Stops the water from flowing out of the end of the pipe when for example the item is disconnected from the coupler

Manufactured from ABS plastic for strength and durability as well as frost resistant and shatter proof

This is a multi variation listing for 4 different pack sizes (quantity of “Y” pieces) per item there is 1 x 3 way coupler and 3 x quick release fittings, so for example the 5 pack will have 5 x 3 way couplers and 15 x quick release fittings. Please click on the tab above to select the correct pack size required

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