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36pc Electrical Butt Connector Heat Shrink Sleeve Waterproof Copper Connections

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Professional Butt connector kit for commercial or occasional use

36pc Butt Connector kit

Simple one step wire connection

Heat shrink sleeve enhance pullout strength

Creates solid waterproof connections in seconds

Made of heat shrinkable material and crimped with a true electroplated copper core

When properly heated and shrunk, they provide a seal that is waterproof, moisture proof, salt proof etc...

The translucent heat shrinkable material allows visual inspection of connections and includes 3 different sized crimps

Excellent crimp for all different electrical requirements whether at home or work

Tinned copper connections for maximum efficiency

Always make sure the connections are crimped before heat shrinking


• 18 x red butt connectors – 10 – 12 AWG
• 12 x blue butt connectors – 14 – 16 AWG
• 6 x red butt connectors – 16 – 22 AWG

Comes in a partitioned plastic box for easy storage and transportation