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550 piece Metric Sheet Metal Self Tapping Screw Assortment kit AST33

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550 Piece Assortment of popular self tapping screws.

Ideal for metal fabricators and DIY enthusiasts.

These screws are for use with Phillips Head screwdrivers and drill bits.

Bright zinc plated for corrosion and rust resistance.

Set includes: (Piece x Diameter x Length)

65 piece x 3 x 12mm

65 piece x 3.5 x 12mm

60 piece x 3.5 x 10mm

60 piece x 3.5 x 16mm

50 piece x 4 x 12mm

45 piece x 3.5 x 20mm

40 piece x 4 x 16mm

30 piece x 4 x 25mm

25 piece x 5 x 20mm

20 piece x 4 x 30mm

20 piece x 5 x 25mm

15 piece x 5 x 30mm

Comes complete with sectioned plastic storage case.

Labelled chart on box for easy selection of size.