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550pc Metal Wood Nail Masonry Panel Pins Bright Nails Assortment Kit AST52

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550 piece assortment of zinc plated metal nails.
Perfect for woodwork, DIY, hanging pictures etc...
Contains three popular types of nail: Bright nails, Panel nails and Masonry nails.
Comes complete with resealable, storage case.

Sizes for one box Include:

22.2mm x 13mm (100 Pieces) Bright nail.
25.4mm x 2mm (80 Pieces) Bright nail.
31.8mm x 1.7mm (80 Pieces) Bright nail.
38.1mm x 2.1mm (50 Pieces) Bright nail.
38.1mm x 2mm (30 Pieces) Bright nail.
50.8mm x 2.6mm (20 Pieces) Panel nail.
25.4mm x 1.7mm (80 Pieces) Panel nail.
38.1mm x 2.3mm (30 Pieces) Masonry Nail.