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6" 150mm Circlip Pliers Internal & External + 480pc Circlip / Snap Ring Assortment

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Chrome vanadium steel and impacted for strength and durability.

Set of internal and external / straight and bent pliers for removing and installing circlips.

6" total length.

Nice and small set so ideal for getting into awkward hard to reach areas with minimal fuss.

Double dipped rubberised handles for comfort and grip when using.


Internal Circlip Pliers (Straight)
Internal Circlip Pliers (90 Degree Bent)
External Circlip Pliers (Straight)
External Circlip Pliers (90 Degree Bent)

Complete in a zipped storage wallet for easy storage and transportation.


A variety of circlips / snap retaining rings in popular sizes. Includes both INTERNAL and EXTERNAL circlips.

Ideal for the motor mechanic and a variety of engineering applications.


Internal Circlips; 3mm (x 15), 4mm (x 10), 5mm (x 10), 6mm (x 15), 8mm (x 10), 10mm (x 15), 11mm (x 10), 12mm (x 10), 13mm (x 10), 14mm (x 10), 16mm (x 10), 19mm (x 10), 20mm (x 10), 22mm (x 8), 25mm (x 8), 26mm (x 8), 28mm (x 6), 32mm (x 5).
External Circlips; 3mm (x 20), 4mm (x 10), 5mm (x 15), 6mm (x 25), 8mm (x 15), 10mm (x 20), 11mm (x 15), 12mm (x 15), 13mm (x 25), 14mm (x 15), 16mm (x 20), 19mm (x 25), 20mm (x 15), 22mm (x 20), 25mm (x 15), 26mm (x 15), 28mm (x 10), 32mm (5pc).

Supplied in compartmented plastic cases for easy storage and transportation.