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Air Powered Joddler Joggler Flange Flanging Tool Edge Setter 5mm Punch

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Professional joddler for commercial or occasional use

Air powered joddler / joggler / sheet metal tool for all fabrication work

Multi tool that prepares flanges and punches holes for ultimate car restoration

Heavy duty head rotates around 360 degrees to easily crimp flanges or lap joint sheets and pipes

Joggler / joddler produce a 12mm flange on steel up to 0.8mm in thickness or 1.2mm in aluminium

This tool provides a stronger joint and prevents distortion giving a perfect flush fit

Perfect for lap joint welding or panel bonding

Used for panel replacement (around the wheel arches) or patching up areas

Air operated joddler so no need for struggling with hand ones (this allows a thicker material to either be punched or stepped)

5mm punch so perfect for spot welding and other fabrication


• Flange width – 12mm
• Capacity 0.8mm (steel) / 1.2mm (aluminium)
• Punch size – 5mm
• Working pressure 90 PSI
• Average air consumption 4 CFM
• Nominal air consumption 0.3 CFM per stroke
• Air inlet – 1/4 BSP
• Total weight – 1300 Grams