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Antiluce Drop Catch Anti-Luce Fasteners M12 x 64mm Tail Gate Trailers Gates

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Pack Size 1 x Antiluce Fastener
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Professional Anti-Luce fasteners for commercial or occasional home use

M12 Antiluce fastener

Bolt on Antiluce

64mm total thread length but total length of the shank 75mm

A Secure and robust solution allowing ease in and out of a locked position

12mm Antiluce complete with Nyloc Nut and Tab washer for slotted shank

Suitable for securing lorry side and tail boards on trailers, horse boxes, transit crates, lockers and a vast range of other machinery

Ideal for use with trailer tailgates

Manufactured from CR-v steel for maximum strength and durability

Zinc plated for rust and corrosion resistance

Extra long thread for access in restricted areas or for use on thicker surfaces / materials

Threaded nearly all the way down to the end of the Anti-luce


• Antiluce fastener
• Type – Bolt on Antiluce
• Shank diameter – M12
• Total length – 75mm
• Total threaded length – 64mm
• Complete with nylock nut and washer
• Handle dimensions – 20mm x 70mm
• Head size – Approx – 15mm
• Boss diameter – 19mm
• Material - Manufactured from CR-v Steel
• Finish - Zinc plated
• Complete with Nyloc nut and tab washer

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