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Battery Cut Off Switch / Isolator Boat, Car, Van, Caravan 100A 12v or 24v TR117

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This listing is for a battery cut-off switch, style as pictured.

Used to isolate or switch off battery's. Often used to prevent batteries discharging when left for long periods or for security purposes.

Suitable for 12V or 24V use. Rated up to 100A continuously and will take much higher current for short periods, e.g. when cranking or starting the engine.

Easy connection via two M8 connection studs. Nuts and lock washers are included.

Supplied with one key however spares are available.

Easy mounting via two mounting holes. Can be mounted from the front or from behind a panel, however it is easiest to mount it from behind. Just drill a 22mm hole and two 6mm holes at 38mm centres and push it through from behind. Use two bolts to secure the switch. The long neck of the switch means that it can still be mounted from behind, even on thick panels.

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