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Boat / Jetski / Dinghy Trailer Bow Snubber Block

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This listing is for one boat bow buffer block/snubber. (Style as pictured)

NON MARKING design does not leave black marks on the hull like the rubber versions.

High quality, OEM standard.

Sizes 150mm wide. The block is 78mm tall.

Suitable to fit on any 12mm shaft.

General advice on using our Boat Rollers

Boat rollers rarely have a weight limit because it varies so much depending on there use. Different boats also have different weight distribution so it is very difficult to judge the weight on a roller. If you are modifying or making a trailer and are unsure on how many to use the best way is to look at an existing trailer for a similar boat and use the same number of rollers or more. Obviously the more rollers you use the easier it will be to roll the boat on the trailer and therefore the easier it is to launch and recover. The same is true if you are unsure of the location for the rollers.
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