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Brake Shoe Cable Bearing Kit for Ifor Williams Flatbed Trailer LM146 LM166 3.5T

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This listing is for a full brake and bearing refurbishment kit for Ifor Williams Flatbed trailers.

Suitable for LM146 & LM166 models (3500kg). Will replace the brake rod, brake balance bar, wheel bearings, one shot nuts, brake cables and all brake parts on all four wheels.

Kit Includes;

• 4 Pairs of Brake Shoes with auto reverse sliding shoes carriers. ECE R90 Approved. Size; 250 x 40mm
• 4 Full Brake Shoe Spring Sets.
• 2 x Long Life Front Axle Brake Cables (930mm Outer Cable Length, 1140mm Inner)
• 2 x Long Life Rear Axle Brake Cables (1630mm Outer Cable Length, 1840mm Inner)
• 4 x Brake Shoe Expanders.
• 4 Brake Adjuster kits.
• 4 x Sealed Wheel Bearings.
• 4 x One Shot Axle Nuts (Ifor recommend these are replaced every time the hub is removed)
• 1x 4m brake rod kit.
• Brake balance bar kit (to join all the cables to the brake rod).
• All required dome nuts, lock nuts etc.

The perfect way to keep this essential safety system in perfect working order.

Fitment - 3500kg MAM Trailers. Not suitable for pre-1996 models. Brake Adjusters fit post 2003 trailers only.

Please note; We have made every effort to ensure these parts are correct for your trailer, however it is essential to check all parts are identical to the original ones before fitting. Trailers are not as standardised as cars and occasionally variations do occur.