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Caravan Towing 7 Pin Adaptor Mirrors Leg Winder Electric Hook Up Spirit Level

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Leg Winder Specifications:

A high quality speed brace caravan leg winding handle.

Provides a fast way to wind down caravan stands by hand.

Total length 29" (74cm).

15" length before handle part to reach deep set or difficult to reach caravan stands.

Plastic Grips for comfort.

19mm socket end. (Six sided)

Zinc Plated for corrosion protection.

Spirit Level Specifications:

This listing is for a handy level gauge. When putting the caravan stands down you can use this gauge to ensure it is perfectly level.

Twin levels mounted at right angles mean you can level the caravan both along its length and it width.

Designed for permanent mounting on the A-Frame or on a table inside so it is always there when you need it but can also be used temporarily by placing it in position if you do not want to secure it down.

Two screw holes are provided to secure the tool, but people will often secure it with waterproof double sided tape to eliminate the need to make holes.

Approx. 61mm long and 46mm wide. It is tapered so only a small space is required.

Clear to read bubbles.

High visibility orange design, made from a tough high impact plastic.

Extension Hook Up Cable Specifications:

Ideal for connecting Caravans to electric hook ups, boats to shore power etc.

25m Long.

Fitted with 230V 16A Connectors.

High grade cable with 100% copper conductors.

Can also be used as a hook-up extension lead.

High visibility orange cable.

7 Pin Adaptor Specifications

This listing is for two prewired towing sockets complete with gaskets on a twin mounting plate.

Twin sockets suit caravans and trailers alike, the one providing power for the trailer or caravan lights and the second providing power for caravan supplementary circuits such as reversing light, fridge and battery charging.

Brass pins in durable plastic housings.

Easy to fit, wire as follows;
PIN 1 Yellow Wire (Reversing Lights)
PIN 2 Blue Wire (Battery Charging)
PIN 3 White Wire (Earth Return for pins 2 & 4)
PIN 4 Green Wire (Power Supply)
PIN 5 Brown Wire (Spare)
PIN 6 Red Wire (Fridge)
PIN 7 Black Wire (Earth Return for Pin 6)
PIN 1 Yellow Wire (Left Indicator)
PIN 2 Blue Wire (Fog Lamp)
PIN 3 White Wire (Earth Return)
PIN 4 Green Wire (Right Indicator)
PIN 5 Brown Wire (Right Side light)
PIN 6 Red Wire (Brake lights)
PIN 7 Black Wire (Left Side light)
Complete with 1.5m of cable.

Small Mirror Specifications:

Fully adjustable arms fit virtually all mirrors easily. Easily adjusted to fit modern shaped and sporty mirrors, large 4x4 mirrors etc...

Secure fit helps stop vibrations or movement of the mirror whilst driving.

Dual Mirror, flat and convex provides wide field of vision.

Can be used in horizontal or vertical positions.

Easily adjusted for a secure fit.

Full European Approval.

Fully adjustable ball joint mount allows easy positioning of the mirror.