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Fibre / Sealing Washer Assortment 600pc AST4

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High quality fibre washers.

Fibre washers are ideal to stop vibrations or to seal bolts.

600pc kit includes: (external diameter x internal diameter x thickness).

160pc 10x5.5x1mm
80pc 16x10x1mm
40pc 19x12x1mm
30pc 22x16x1mm
20pc 22.5x14x1mm
20pc 32x22x1mm
100pc 12x6.5x1mm
60pc 16x8x1mm
40pc 20x12.5x1mm
20pc 27x20x1mm
15pc 25.5x17.5x1mm
15pc 32x24x1mm

Supplied in a plastic storage case.