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Fresh Water Diaphragm Pump Automatic 12v 3LPM Caravan Motorhome Boat

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Long Life diaphragm pump for freshwater systems.

Fully automatic with built in pressure switch. Turns on as soon as the tap is opened.

Built in pressure switch set to 65 PSI. Shuts of automatically when the water system reaches 65psi. (pressure is adjustable via screw under the switch cover)

3 Litres per minute output.

12v operation, approx 2.5A. Recomended Fuse 5A.

Built in hose barbs suitable for 10mm (3/8") internal diameter hose.

Self-priming when the tap is opened.

Designed to pump clean cold freshwater in low voltage applications such as a leisure boat or recreational vehicle. Not suitable for pumping fuels or other liquids.

Flexible rubber mounting lugs give vibration down to a minimum.

Motor duty cycle will vary with load and ambient temperature, but generally maximum continuous operation should not exceed 15 minutes.

Supplied with 30cm of wire. Simple connection, red wire to +12v, black wire to earth.

165mm Total Length.

100mm Total Width (including mounting lugs)

65mm Total Height.

50mm motor diameter.