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Garden Draw Or Dutch Hoe Weeding Soil Digging Cultivating Weed Removal Tool

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Size Dutch Hoe
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Professional garden draw hoe for commercial or occasional use

Garden draw hoe and Dutch hoe combination

Extra long garden draw hoe

Ideal for cultivating soil and removing weeds

Angled head / blade on the draw hoe for full movement of soil which significantly reduces future weed germination

Straight head on the Dutch hoe for prodding the ground and breaking up the soil prior to planting, weeding etc...

For cultivating crops, plants and removing weeds

Tubular steel handle for strength but also to keep it lightweight

Rubber grip on the end of the shaft for comfort and grip when using

Extra long to reach deep planting beds without having to tread on the soil

Also with it being long there is no bending over required preventing aches and bad backs

Manufactured from carbon steel for maximum strength and durability

Hole in the end of the handle for easy storage / hanging when not in use

• Total length of the Draw Hoe – 1380mm
• Width of the hoe head 6” / 150mm
• Depth of the hoe head – 90mm

• Total length of the Dutch Hoe – 1380mm
• Width of the hoe head 6” / 150mm
• Depth of the hoe head – 60mm

This is a multi variation listing for either a Dutch hoe a Draw Hoe or both, please click on the tab above to select the correct pack size required

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