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Garden Hose Connector Set Spray Gun Water Sprayer And Hose Pipe Fittings 5pc

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use.

-Suitable for all gardens watering tasks

-Spray gun kit connects to standard taps and provides a watering speed suitable for all types of plants, flowers, shrubs and lawns

-Suitable for cleaning cars watering equipment and cleaning jobs around the home / garden.


- 1 x spray gun with 4 function nozzle adapter
- 2 x female quick connection joint adapters
- 1 x male adapter for the end of the spray gun
- 1 x tap joint. (either 1/2" or 5/8")

4 function spray gun

1. Gentle Shower
2. Sharp Stream Spray
3. Flat Spray
4. Full Action Spray

Adjust function cover to desired spray function setting water will spray as selected when you press the handle.

Water can also be selected to spray continuously by fixing handle with buckle