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Grinding Sharpening Polishing Carving Sanding Stone Set 1/4in Shaft 50pc

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Professional sanding / polishing stones for commercial or occasional use

50pc assorted abrasive sanding stones

Suitable for grinding, polishing and carving etc...

1/4in shank fits all drills and dies grinders with a 1/4in collet

10 assorted shapes and sizes to cater for all different requirements and needs

The shaft is manufactured from CR-v steel for maximum strength and durability

Total length of the shaft is 1 inch long (25.4mm)


• Assorted Mounted Polishing stones
• Suitable for grinding, polishing, carving etc...
• 1/4in shank (6mm)
• Shaft length – 1in (25.4mm)
• Stones are approx 1in in diameter
• 10 assorted shapes / sizes
• 5 of each stone
• Pack size – 50 pack