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Heavy Duty Storage Case With 12 Removable Compartments Holder Metal Clips

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Professional storage case for commercial or occasional use

Extra heavy duty storage case with deep compartments

Extra deep compartments for storing more items in

Handy plastic box for storing all your bits and pieces

Storage case with 12 separate removable compartments

Suitable for all small items including screws / nuts / bolts etc...

Semi opaque lid so you can easily find the right item without opening the lid

Hinged lid with easy to open catches

Waterproof seal that not only prevents water from entering but also rust and foreign particles from entering into the box

Plastic handle with textured grip allows the organiser to be moved around comfortably and conveniently

Solid metal catches so the case won’t open when in transit causing your items to go everywhere

The case has 4 extra catches on the item (2 on the top and 2 on the side so that there is even less chance of it coming open when in transit / being carried

Manufactured from high impact plastic for strength and durability

12 removable bins of all different size for rearrangement of the boxes inside the case if needed


• 12 x 70mm x 90mm x 100mm / Width x Depth x Length