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Hitch Coupling Lock for Ifor Williams Trailer INSURANCE APPROVED High Security

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This listing is for a high security hitch / coupling lock for Ifor Williams Trailers.

Insurance approved and sold secure.

Suitable for Ifor Williams trailers fitted with the Avon ride cast coupling / hitch with the integral lock.

Includes approval certificate.

Stronghold Diamond security level 7. Independently tested. This is the ultimate protection level.

Fits over the handle to stop unauthorised coupling and still allows use of the integral Avon ride lock as an extra precaution.

Weight 4.5kg.

Can be fitted when the trailer is coupled to the tow vehicle or on it's own. Only suitable for use whilst parked, not suitable for use when travelling.

Supplied with three keys. 1 Million key combinations.

Patented disc detainer deadlock locking system.