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HNBR Rubber O-Ring / Seals Plumbing Tap Washers Gaskets Assortment 205pc AST51

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use.

Set includes 205pieces of various sizes.

Material: Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber.

Meet application temperatures ranging between 45 degrees C and 165 degrees C

Set Includes; Sizes: (internal diameter x section)

18pc 3mm x 1mm
18pc 4mm x 1mm
18pc 4.5mm x 2mm
18pc 5mm x 2mm
18pc 6mm x 2mm
18pc 6mm x 2.5mm
18pc 6mm x 3mm
18pc 7mm x 2mm
16pc 8mm x 2mm
5pc 9mm x 2mm
5pc 10mm x 2mm
5pc 12mm x 3mm
5pc 13mm x 3mm
5pc 14mm x 2.5mm
5pc 17mm x 2.5mm
5pc 18mm x 4mm
5pc 20mm x 2mm
5pc 22mm x 2mm

Complete in plastic resealable case for easy storage and transportation.