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Hose Pipe Clamp Set Brake Line Pipe Fluid Clamps Locking Pliers 3pc

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Professional pipe clamps suitable for professional or occasional use.

High quality plastic clamps, less likely than metal clamps to damage pipes/hoses.

Special designed jaws to prevent internal hose linings from damage.

Lightweight and easy to use.

Being non conductive can be left loose in an engine without fear of shorting out starter motors etc... (so ideal for break down or emergency use).

Simple to use select the correct clamp for your hose squeeze the clamp so the pipe is totally sealed.

3pc Set includes 6, 7 & 10" Clamps.


Small brake / fuel hose clamp 1/4" 3/4" 160mm length.
Medium Heater hose water pipe clamp 1/4" 11/4" 180mm length.
Large radiator hose water pipe clamp 3/4" 21/4" 250mm length
Made from shatter proof nylon composite.