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HSS Left Hand Imperial Spiral Drill Bits + Screw Damaged Stud Extractors 10pc

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Professional drill bits and extractor set for commercial or occasional use

Left hand drill bit and screw extractor set

Imperial sized drill bits ranging from 5/64in – 19/64in

Perfect for removing broken or damaged studs and fasteners

Designed to remove the broken studs, socket screws and fittings

Spiral flutes designed to embed themselves deeper into the metal as you turn the tool so that the fastener resistance increases the extractor grip increase

Can be used with a spanner / socket or even a tap holder on the end of each spiral extractor

HSS drill bits for maximum strength and durability

Titanium finished drill bits

Imperial Left handed drill bits

Comes in a metal marked tin for easy storage and transportation


• 5 x Imperial Left handed Drill bits – 5/64in, 7/64in, 5/32in, 1/4in and 19/64in
• 5 x Spiral extractors - #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5


• Imperial sized drill bits
• Left hand spiral drill bits
• Fully ground drill bits
• Manufactured from HSS-G
• DIN 338
• HRC 61-63 Drill Bits
• HRC 52-58 Extractors
• Titanium finish