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International Trilux Prop-O-Drev Grey Hard Antifouling Spray Paint Outdrive

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International Trilux Prop-O-Drev is an exceptionally hard antifouling, specially formulated for use on sterndrives, outboard legs, saildrives, propellers and stern gear.

Suitable for preventing barnacles and other fouling on the propeller itself.

Supplied in a 500ml Aerosol Cans for super fast and easy application.

Keeps critical parts like the propeller and drive free of fouling, for improved performance and fuel consumption.

Colour - Grey.

Ideal for use on all substrates including suitably primed aluminium/alloy and zinc-sprayed metals, as well as on factory enamelled finishes.

Applying the antifouling by aerosol spray makes it ideal for painting awkward shapes and difficult to reach areas and allows for quick and easy application.

No. of coats: 3 minimum

Coverage: Approximately one can per medium sized outdrive.

Thinner: VC® General Thinner (for clean up).

Active Ingredient; Copper Thiocyanate.

Includes spare spray nozzle if needed.


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