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Long Life Trailer Brake Cable For Knott Systems for Ifor Williams 730mm - 1730mm

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Size OD - 730mm ID - 940mm
Pack Size Single Cable
In stock: 30
Professional brake cables for commercial or occasional use

Detachable brake cable for Knott trailer brakes

Outer dimensions (this refer to the outer sheath / the part in blue)

Inner cable (this refers to the total length of the inner cable)

Supplied pre lubricated ready to fit

Blue protective sleeve on inner cable for a longer life

Suitable for both Knott and Ifor Williams trailers

Knott detachable fitting on one end of the cable and an M8 thread on the other (complete with nuts for straight forward and hassle free attachment)

Comes complete with replacement M8 spherical nuts for the end of the brake cables


• BC09 - Outer Sheath - 730mm / Inner Cable - 940mm
• BC10 - Outer Sheath - 830mm / inner cable - 1040mm
• BC11 - Outer Sheath - 930mm / inner cable - 1140mm
• BC12 - Outer Sheath - 1030mm / inner cable - 1240mm
• BC13 - Outer Sheath - 1130mm / inner cable - 1340mm
• BC14 - Outer Sheath - 1230mm / inner cable - 1440mm
• BC15 - Outer Sheath - 1320mm / inner cable - 1540mm
• BC16 - Outer Sheath - 1430mm / inner cable - 1640mm
• BC17 - Outer Sheath - 1530mm / inner cable - 1740mm
• BC18 - Outer Sheath - 1630mm / inner cable - 1840mm
• BC19 - Outer Sheath - 1730mm / inner cable - 1940mm

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