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Magnetic Trailer / Car Recovery Lights Set 10m Cable / Lighting Board TR124

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This listing is for a set of magnetic lights with attached triangles suitable for trailers, caravans cars etc...

Perfect for when lights need to be easily removed or where temporary lights are required such as for recovering a car. Also perfect to keep as a backup in a trailer or caravan in case of light failure.

Each light has a reflective triangle attached. It is a requirement for all towed vehicles or trailers to have triangular reflectors on to help mark the rear of the trailer.

Each light is mounted on a heavy duty magnet. Simply stick to a magnetic surface such as a car body or a trailer chassis to provide rear lighting.

Supplied with stretchy cable between the two lights so they can be placed up to approx. 10ft (3m) apart from each other. There is 10m (Approx. 33ft) of cable to go between the lights and the tow vehicle.

The lights provide left and right indicators, sidelights and brake lights and triangular reflectors. There is also a small window in the side to allow light to shine to illuminate a number plate if required.

Supplied complete with bulbs fitted ready to go.

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