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Master CV Joint Puller Remover Installer Separator Splitter Propshaft Slide Hammer

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Professional master CV joint puller set for commercial or occasional use

Master CV joint puller set

Makes removing the CV axle easy and efficient

Pulls out the old stubborn CV axle and gets the new axle installed

Allows axle assemblies to be pulled out of the trans-axle without damage due to the straight even pull provided by the slide hammer

Includes all the right equipment to pull CV joints having hidden retaining rings without causing damage to the roller bearing inside the CV joint

Simple to use tool for accurate and time saving labour

Complete with 5lbs heavy duty slide hammer


• Inner CV joint fork – opening 50mm
• Inner CV joint fork – opening 63mm
• Wire pulling loop
• Front wheel drive axle puller
• Slide hammer extension – total length 460mm (18 inches)
• 5 lbs slide hammer
• Adjustable CV joint assembly puller