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Pair Trailer Caravan Left & Right Triangular Light with Radex Plug System

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This listing is for a pair of triangular trailer lights.

OEM quality, ideal for new builds and refurbs.

Functions; Brake Light, Indicator, Tail Light, Fog Light and Triangle Reflector

20mm Round 5 pin quick plug fits many common trailer wiring looms and separate 4 pin plug allows you to power side markers or number plate lights using standard Radex looms.

If you are not sure if this light will fit your trailer, disconnect the wiring loom and measure the diameter of the connector on the back of your light. This light has a 20mm diameter connection with 5 pins.

Requires 2 x Single Contact 21w Bulb and 1 x Dual Contact 5w/21w Bulb per light. (Included)

'E' Marked.

Size; 215mm x 175mm x 55mm Deep.

Includes Mounting Studs and nuts.