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Plastimo Iris 50 Hand Bearing Compass High Vis Yellow Marine Boat Yacht

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The Iris 50 Hand Bearing Compass by Plastimo is a very popular compass for all types of vessel.

Fantastic legibility with 1° graduations.

No need to take your eyes off the mark by holding the compass up to your eye and reading the bearing through the prism.

Wide 20° field of view.

Built-in photoluminescent lighting. No batteries required just recharge in bright light. (torch, cabin lights etc)

No parallax error - a prism projects the reading of the bearing.

Can be used for both hand bearing and for course reading.

The tough case provides fantastic protection from hard knocks.

Soft bottom expansion diaphragm prevents leaks and bubbles from temperature changes.

Very hard lens resists scratches.

Waterproof design.

Size - 80mm by 70mm (approx)