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Roll Pin Assortment Set Pins Spring Tension 1.6mm – 9.5mm 15 Sizes 120pc Kit

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Professional roll pin assortment for commercial or occasional use

120pc mixed sized roll pin assortment set

Metric sized roll pins

Manufactured from CR-v steel for maximum strength and durability

Black plated for rust and corrosion resistance

Selection of both large and small roll pins ranging from1.6mm – 9.5mm


1.6mm x 4.8mm x 4pc / 1.6mm x 19mm x 4pc / 1.6mm x 8mm x 4pc / 2.0mm x 6.4mm x 4pc / 2.0mm x 12.7mm x 4pc / 2.0mm x 25.4mm x 4pc / 2.4mm x 15.9mm x 4pc / 2.4mm x 25.4mm x 4pc / 2.4mm x 15.9mm x 4pc / 2.4mm x 25.4mm x 4pc / 2.4mm x 31.8mm x 4pc / 3.2mm x 15.9mm x 5pc / 3.2mm x 25.4mm x 5pc / 3.2mm x 31.8mm x 5pc / 4.0mm x 15.9mm x 4pc / 4.0mm x 25.4mm x 4pc / 4.0mm x 38.1mm x 4pc / 4.8mm x 15.9mm x 5pc / 4.8mm x 25.4mm x 5pc / 4.8mm x 31.8mm x 5pc / 4.8mm x 31.8mm x 5pc / 5.6mm x 6.4mm x 4pc / 5.6mm x 44.5mm x 4pc / 5.6mm x 50.8mm x 4pc / 6.4mm x 15.9mm x 4pc / 6.4mm x 31.8mm x 4pc / 6.4mm x 44.5mm x 4pc / 8.0mm x 19.1mm x 4pc / 8.0mm x 38.1mm x 4pc / 8.0mm x 50.8mm x 4pc / 9.5mm x 19.1mm x 2pc / 9.5mm x 15.9mm x 2pc / 9.5mm x 38.1mm x 2pc

Comes in a blow molded clear partitioned tray for easy storage and transportation