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Rubber and Fibre Sealing Washers Assortment 141pc AST6

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Suitable for sealing bolts, pins etc.

.. Set Includes;:(Centre hole diameter x Overall Diameter x Thickness)

10pc 4x17x4mm Rubber Washers
10pc 4x16x4mm Rubber Washers
5pc 8x18x4mm Rubber Washers
5pc 8x14x4mm Rubber Washers
5pc 9.5x17.5x4mm Rubber Washers
5pc 10.5mmx14x4mm Rubber Washers
10pc 12x24x2mm Rubber Washers
10pc 15x24x3mm Rubber Washers
10pc 10x13.5x2mm Fibre Washers
10pc 12x17.5x2mm Fibre Washers
10pc 12x17.5x1.5mm Fibre Washers
10pc 17x21x1.5mm Fibre Washers
10pc 17x24x1.5mm Fibre Washers
10pc 17x24x2mm Fibre Washers
10pc 20.5x25x1.5mm Fibre Washers
3pc 30x39x2mm Fibre Washers
5pc 27x33x1.5mm Fibre Washers
3pc 27x38x2mm Fibre Washers
Complete with plastic storage case.