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Screw Extractor Drill Bits Supa - Grip Broken Damaged Bolt Stud Remover 4pcs Set

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

-4pc Screw extractor sty

-1/4" Drive hex bits allows for a fast and convenient way to remove damaged screws

-Contains 4 double ended extractors

-Will remove screws from 3mm to 12mm

Removes any stripped screws, even works on jagged, uneven or rough breaks

-Self cantering tips

-Compatible with quick connect chuck systems

-Special left hand thread extractors to remove broken studs, pipes, set screws, grease fittings

Precision kit allows you to extract bolts which are corroded or seized and need to be removed without damaging the casing or threads

-Manufactured from cr-mo hardened steel for maximum durability

-Will easily bit into and grip the softer bolts