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Security Post Lock Removable for Caravans Trailers Driveway etc Cement In TR177

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Ideal for protecting caravans, trailers etc. from theft but also very popular for preventing access to parking spaces etc...

Removable to give easy access when required.

Hinged lid leaves a flat surface when the post is removed. Unlike fold down posts it will not damage tyres / alloy wheels if driven over.

Cement in design gives far superior ram protection over bolt down versions.

High visibility yellow post with black base. Highly visible when the post is in place but very discrete when removed.

Requires 250mm deep hole to fit. For retrofitting, create a hole minimum 150mm by 150mm by 250mm deep. Put post in place and back fill with cement.

Supplied with high security padlock.

Lugs and steel base help it grip the concrete.
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