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Service Kit for Indespension V671 Braked Trailer Hitch Coupling Damper Bellows

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This listing is for a coupling hitch service kit.

Suitable for Indespension V671 Braked Trailer Couplings / Hitch.

Includes coupling damper, rubber bellows and secondary coupling cable.

Damper Total Length 410mm.

Damper Body Length 250mm.

Suitable for 375kg to 800kg Trailers.

Bellow Hole Sizes 60mm diameter.

Bellow Length 150mm Approx. (natural length not compressed or stretched)

Secondary Coupling Length 1m.

High visiblity yellow secondary coupling. Thicker 3mm cable for extra strength.

The ideal way to refresh your trailers braked coupling.

Will fit trailers with the standard 50mm tow ball coupling. Will not fit trailers with towing ring or nato ring couplings.

Please note; We have made every effort to ensure these parts are correct for your trailer, however it is essential to check all parts are identical to the original ones before fitting. Trailers are not as standardised as cars and occasionally variations do occur.